The Green Team Receives County Landfill Use Approval


The Green Team of Carbon County recently made a request with the commissioners for use of the county landfill for recycling purposes. This was presented to the commissioners during their regularly scheduled Sept. 5 meeting with Commissioner Casey Hopes speaking on the team’s behalf.

Hopes stated that they have been working with Green Team representatives, who would like to continue their recycling efforts in the county. As previously stated, the county does not have the current funds to go forward with recycling for the team. The team has now simply requested a space to park their trailer and portable ramp to load at the landfill.

A licensing agreement was written by Carbon County Attorney Christian Bryner, which could be approved pending the Green Team’s review and approval. Reportedly, the spot identified is just below the metal recycling pile and will be tucked up behind. Certain details will need to be worked out, such as the question of whether those that wish to recycle need to come through the gates and pay a weighing fee. Pending the team’s approval, the agreement was approved.

Also presented at the meeting was a lift of the fire ban. Nearly one week ago, an update was released from the Public Forest Service lifting the ban, which was requested by the county in conjunction with the BLM and Utah State Lands. It is still required that any fires be in a fire pit or approved designated fire area. Other than that, those that wish to have a burn pile will need to contact dispatch and get a permit to do so.

As always, those that have any questions on whether or not to burn can contact dispatch.

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