Sorenson Sentenced in 16 Counts of Sex Abuse


Carbon County resident Bart Sorenson appeared before Seventh District Court Judge George Harmond Wednesday morning to be sentenced for 16 counts of forcible sexual abuse, each second-degree felonies.

Sorenson was originally booked into the Carbon County Jail in July of last year.

Wednesday’s proceedings opened with Gene Strate, representing the state, offering a number of the prosecution’s concerns in the matter. It was reported that the crimes allegedly took place over a period of four years, beginning when the two victims were aged 14 and 12.

Strate also brought to light several items in Sorenson’s pre-sentencing investigation report and a following psychosexual analysis performed before recommending imprisonment and treatment as the best way to proceed.

David Allred, who represented Sorenson in the proceedings, then took the opportunity to call several of Sorenson’s friends and relatives to speak about the situation.

Tiffany Sorenson spoke about how her family relies on Bart for income and asked the court to consider her family and children in its sentence.

“Sometimes living with what we’ve done is punishment enough,” she said. “Are you punishing one or six?”

Bart Sorenson was also given a chance to address the court, during which he expressed gratitude for those involved in the case and their sensitivity and compassion.

“I am completely responsible for all of this,” he said amidst tears. “I will do whatever it takes to make this situation the best it can be.”

Other members of the Sorenson family as well as friends with whom Bart was living spoke on behalf of the guilty party.

Allred finished his discussion by listing several positive steps made by Sorenson to better his life and situation before giving his recommendation, a combination of house arrest and weekend imprisonment along with treatment.

“This is nothing but pain for everybody,” Judge Harmond said before delivering his sentence.

Sorenson was sentenced to the maximum allowance of one to fifteen years on each count in the Utah State Prison.

The sentence was then suspended pending successful completion of probation lasting 36 months. The 36-month probation sentence includes nine months in jail with the possibility of working during the time left to the local sheriff’s discretion.

Sorenson was also sentenced to participate in treatment and to pay for the treatment of his children. He was ordered not to have contact with any of his children at the present time, though he may communicate with Tiffany Sorenson electronically.

To further protect the community, Judge Harmond also ordered that Sorenson register in the future as a sex offender and have no contact with any children under the age of 18 without adult supervision and the consent of his therapist and parole officer.

Sorenson, as a felon, was also forbidden from owning any weapons and will not be allowed to go hunting or fishing.

Sorenson was taken into custody following the proceedings and the matter will be reviewed on March 20 for further recommendations if anything was overlooked.

“This is your chance to make amends to your family and your community in which you reside,” said Judge Harmond, “You’ve got more than two victims.”

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