Peterson Pleads Not Guilty After Preliminary Hearing, Witnesses Testify of November Homicides


Seth Gordon Peterson appeared in the Seventh District Court on Wednesday morning after being charged with two counts of aggravated murder as well as an attempted aggravated murder charge and aggravated robbery charge, all first-degree felonies, as well as a third-degree felony in failing to stop or respond at the command of police on November 2.

Peterson appeared in person and was represented by his attorney, Rudy Bautista, as well as Stephen Howard while the state was represented by Jeremy Humes and Sean Brian.

A variety of witnesses were called to give testimony about the events and various perspectives of it including officers who had responded to the scene.

According to Christian Peterson, Seth’s uncle, he and Seth Peterson had traveled to Salt Lake City the day before where they intended to make a purchase.

While there, Christian reported that the party also had taken a friend to Salt Lake to drop off at an apartment. After doing so, Seth reportedly left Christian’s vehicle. Upon not being able to relocate Seth, Christian called the Salt Lake City Police per a request from Susan, Seth’s mother.

Seth wasn’t located until the next morning when Christian’s father called and informed him that Seth was at his place of residence in Salt Lake City.

Upon returning to the Feichko Farm near Hiawatha, the duo stopped at a Wal-Mart in Spanish Fork where Seth reportedly purchased ammunition for a .223 Rifle, three pre-paid visas at $500 each and possibly toiletries.

As they were driving home, Christian further testified that Seth had spoken of an “evil entity” he felt that was coming to him, causing Seth distress. Seth further told Christian that such an entity had attempted to strike a deal with him that he would give Seth power if he gave the entity the life, or limb, of his brother.

Seth had also mentioned this entity the day before the trip to Salt Lake.

Christian reported that he responded to Seth by saying, “You told him ‘no,’ right?”

The next day, Seth reportedly called dispatch, saying he felt watched and that someone was trying to kill him, according to Deputy Sean Addley. Arriving on scene, however, officials weren’t able to locate any apparent threat and left the area after Seth reportedly said he felt safe.

Seth’s mother was also called and arrived with Seth’s brother, James, shortly after law enforcement left the farm.

Christian then left the group to attend to a wounded deer that had found its way onto the property.

Seth and Susan reportedly went with Christian, who took the .223 rifle, while Seth took a .300 magnum firearm on his person.

While riding on a four-wheeler in an attempt to find the deer, Christian mentioned how he had removed the rifle from his person and handed it back to the two individuals behind him so they could use the scope to search.

After parking the four-wheeler, the firearm was handed back to Christian and the party split up with Seth and Susan walking north while Christian headed northwest.

While looking, Christian mentioned hearing an argument break out and Seth state something akin to, “No you’re not,” after which he immediately heard a gunshot.

“I wondered what the hell was happening,” Christian said, afterward seeing Susan running down the hill, her face red.

Christian also mentioned hearing two sounds, one a high pitched squealing and the second a deeper, almost mocking squealing, which he believed to have come from Seth.

Christian then testified as asking aloud, “Seth, G**da** it, what happened to your Mom?”

As earlier testified by Christian, Seth responded by saying that “he shot her in the [expletive] face.”

At that point, Christian backed away and called another individual still at the farm’s house, explaining the situation.

Christian then hid in a ditch where he heard a second gunshot as well as a truck on the premises being started and being driven, after which he reportedly heard a third shot as well.

“I felt like he was hunting me,” Christian said about Seth, who appeared as though he was driving in an attempt to locate Christian.

A member of the Feichko family, Scott, also testified as to his experience on the day, which included coming onto the farm and seeing two other individuals leave claiming that Seth had killed his mother and brother.

Not believing them, Feichko stayed behind with a friend, Lance Horvath.

Seth returned to the home in one of the vehicles on the farm, however, where he called to Feichko by name asking him to come to the truck.

According to Feichko, Seth admitted to have killed two demons and asked Feichko to assist him in the burying of the bodies.

Feichko then responded and told Seth that he had, in fact, killed his mother and brother and would go to prison.

Seth reportedly then broke out in violence, attempting to harm the other. During the struggle, Feichko called authorities. He also testified to Seth’s repeated stating that he was going to kill “all of you” and that he “kills demons” and there was nothing wrong with that.

Seth eventually fled the scene, upon which he was chased by authorities by car and foot before being taken into custody.

Probable cause was found for all five charges to bind Seth on all counts. Seth pled not guilty to all five during Wednesday’s preliminary hearing.

Further proceedings were then decided upon for June 19 at 9 a.m. to schedule a hearing in the case.

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