East Carbon Council Calls Special Meeting Regarding Senior Citizen Center


A special East Carbon council meeting took place on Tuesday evening. At the meeting, members of the council and community discussed an agreement with Carbon County concerning the senior citizen building in East Carbon.

The agreement was brought up because members of the community want to keep the senior citizen center open all week. East Carbon City Councilman Dave Maggio and East Carbon Mayor Douglas Parsons met with Carbon County Commissioner Casey Hopes and Debbie Kobe. Their intention is to have hot meals three days a week and close the center Thursday and Friday. Senior citizens that want to would be bussed to Price on Thursdays.

A main point that was agreed on by the council members was the fact that, unlike in Price, the senior citizens of East Carbon do not have as many options for entertainment and places to go to have lunch.

The plan of action that was discussed was increasing the taxes for the senior citizen center for the year and having the county subsidize the increase after a year. Maggio stated that the tippage fees that the county received has been in the $2-2.5 million dollar range. Maggio is not only concerned for the senior citizens but for the employees of the center as well. Maggio intends to meet with Jeff Green to further discuss the tippage fees.

Another point that was brought up by the council is the fact that the senior citizen center offers much more than just a place for the seniors to be. The center provides free services to the seniors such as different health screenings and other free services that they may not be able to get otherwise.

The senior citizens themselves are displeased with the thought of having to ride a bus every week to get a meal. The council acknowledged their displeasure. The decision must be made and the papers signed by January 1 or the center will from then on only be opened to the public three days a week.

East Carbon Councilwoman Barbara Robinett stated that she is not against the idea and that she would like to review the city’s budget before a decision is fully made. Maggio again stated that he will continue to work with Green and look at the tippage fees and what the county will receive. A motion was passed unanimously by the council to continue action to have the center opened throughout the week.

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