Business Spotlight: Hers and Sirs Styles


One of Margaret Colosimo’s earliest memories as a child is of her styling someone’s hair on her front porch. She can’t remember who she was styling, what she did with their hair, or even how old she was. All she knows is it “just felt right” to let her fingers do the work while her and her client talked.

Now, with 47 years of hair cutting and styling under her belt, Colosimo has turned her passion for hair into a successful house-run business in Price named Hers and Sirs Styles. Over the years, she has gained many faithful customers and being her own boss, Colosimo has been granted not only a lot of freedom, but a lot of responsibility. Colosimo has been setting her own work hours throughout the years, often at times to coincide with other jobs, her family, and volunteering in the community. She has also been able to focus on cutting and styling hair in the ways she enjoys. While this sounds like a dream, the hair stylist assures that running a business takes a lot of hard work.

“Your business doesn’t work unless you do,” Colosimo explained. It took countless hours for her to start her business, including obtaining a license and constructing a salon in her basement. Then, most importantly, clients had to be found. At Hers and Sirs Styles, Colosimo specializes in a senior cliental. “That is what I am comfortable with,” she explained. “I grew up with the older styles and that is what I am good at.”

After 47 years, it is safe to say that the stylist has reached near perfection in not only the styling department, but in customer relations as well. Colosimo believes that the stylist/client relationship is just as important, if not more crucial, than the actual haircut. “It is like a weekly therapy session,” said Colosimo, referring to a seemingly basic appointment. “You leave feeling refreshed.” At Hers and Sirs Styles, Colosimo believes that her success as a stylist stems from her ability to listen to clients and connect with them on a friendly, not just professional level.

Hers and Sirs Styles covers all of the cutting and styling bases that a client could need, including the following services: cut, color, style, and perm. Colosimo is also pleased to announce that she is accepting new clients. Appointments can be made by calling (435) 637-6428 and are available on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons and all day on Fridays. Call Hers and Sirs Styles for a one stop senior hairstyling in combination with a nice, peaceful chat with Margaret Colosimo.

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